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The Waverley Novels

 By Walter Scott, Andrew Lang


Fortunes of Nigel, Pocahontas, Washington Irving
George Heriot, FORTUNES OF NIGEL, Queen's day
Captain Clutterbuck, claret, White Lady
David Ramsay, FORTUNES OF NIGEL, Tunstall
febrifuge, cerebrum, Master George
Master George, febrifuge, cerebrum
John Christie, tawse, young Lord
George Heriot, Master Heriot, Lombard street
Geordie, maun, balas rubies
George Buchanan, Knighton, physiognomy
Moniplies, broadsword, kenna
porringer, Mother Redcap, Dame Ursley
Bishops of Exeter, Lord Huntinglen, Queen's days
royal warrant, Heriot, Lord Huntinglen
siege of Leith, Beaujeu, taine
dear father, Lady Blackchester, Parnassus
Sir Mungo, Metamorpho, Prince of Wales
Alsatia, Whitefriars, repu
tipstaff, Templar, Duke Hildebrod
David Ramsay, Anthony Weldon, Coventry
Gabriel Harvey, Rashin, Coatie
Collop, Haill, dice

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Literary Memory: Scotts Waverley Novels and the Psychology of Narrative.(Book Review) from Wordsworth Circle in Reference provided by Find Articles.
xvi+ 522 (The Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels 4b). Edinburgh- ... The project to edit the Waverley Novels has prompted the National ...

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Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)
Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). header icon for Victorian Web. I'd like to dedicate the Scott section of the Victorian Web to an inspiring teacher and Scott ... previctorian/ scott/ scottov.html

Waverley (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
His series of novels on similar themes written during the same period have become collectively known as the "Waverley Novels". ... wiki/ Waverley_(novel)

RARE ROOKS AT AUCTION.; Waverley Novels, Abbotsford Edition, for ...
Waverley Novels, Abbotsford Edition, for $33; Voltaire, $28 -- Other Volumes at Proportionate Prices. A consignment of rare and interesting books, ... gst/ abstract.html?res=F60B15F63E5811738DDDA00894DB405B8785F0D3

Criticisms and Interpretations. III. Carlyle on the Waverley ...
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JSTOR: The Achievement of Literary Authority: Gender, History, and ...
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The Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels
The aim of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels is to publish the first critical edition of Walter Scott's fiction. ictguides/ projects/ project.jsp?projectId=143

the `Waverley' novels. He draws attention to the fact that figures .... `Waverley' novels were the fictional history of this momentous. change. ... german/ ngs/ McInnes.pdf

Online Library of Liberty - 112.: FLOWER'S MUSICAL ILLUSTRATIONS ...
Flower’s Musical Illustrations of the Waverley Novels Examiner, 3 July, ... The first of the Waverley novels by Walter Scott (1771-1832) appeared in 1814. ... ?option=com_staticxt& staticfile=show.php%3Ftitle=256& chapter=50878& layout=html& Itemid=27

A Dictionary of the Characters in the Waverley Novels of Sir ...
books on: (Scott Walter Sir 1771 1832 Dictionaries Indexes Etc) OR (Scott Walter Sir 1771 1832 Waverley Novels Boston Mass) - 380 results ... library/ book/ a-dictionary-of-the-characters-in-the-waverley-novels-of-sir-walter-scott-by-m-f-a-husb...

The Chronology of the Waverley Novels.
twenty-seven Waverley novels arranged chronologically would ... All peddling criticism aside, the Waverley novels are a price- ... cgi/ reprint/ s1-4/ 1/ 117.pdf

Other editions

The Waverley Novels

The Waverley Novels

by Walter Scott - Fiction - 1860
Vol. 1, 1860.

Waverley Novels

by Walter Scott - 1842
Waverley Novels

Waverley Novels

by Walter Scott, Clarkson Stanfield, Alexander Nasmyth, William Leighton Leitch, Elizabeth Nasmyth Terry, David Wilkie, Thomas Creswick, William Collins, George B. Shaw, William Miller, William Richardson, Thomas Allom, James Horsburgh, William Forrest - Fiction - 1846
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Places mentioned in this book

Islington - Page 137
a foot higher than those our city dames wear — or you are all for a trip to Islington or Ware, and your father is cross and will not consent — or ...
more pages: 41
Edinburgh - Page xxiv
in which the sons of Edinburgh freemen are gratuitously brought up and educated for the station to which their talents may recommend them, ...
more pages: 2 23 20 26 28 51 188 190 246 313
London - Page 183
How he had passed his time in London, the reader is acquainted with. But this melancholy and secluded course of life was neither agreeable to hia age ...
more pages: 4 8 37 70 80 102 105 204 207 221
Oxford - Page 160
The Bishop of Exeter bowed, as in acquiescence to the royal censure ; but he of Oxford stood upright, as mindful over what subjects his see extended, ...
more pages: 159 286
Madrid - Page xix
Fanatics iu Madrid and Irish refugees are concerned in this affair. The kinsman suggests a Wiltshire heiress, now only twelve years old, ...
Lancaster - Page 224
He felt all the magic of that sorcerer, who had displayed, within the paltry circle of a wooden booth, the long wars of York and Lancaster, ...
Coventry - Page 318
On this opposition, according to Sir Anthony Weldon, " the Duke peremptorily accosted Coventry, ' Who made yon Lord Keeper, Coventry ? ...
Greenwich - Page 43
and this good gentleman goes as often down by water to Greenwich, and employs as many of the barge-men and watermen of all kinds ; and maintains, ...
Rome - Page 311
since he sold clocks and watches under condition, that their value should not become payable till King James was crowned in the Pope's chair at Rome. ...
Paris - Page 204
Monsieur le Chevalier de Beau. jeu, pink of Paris and flower of Gascony — he who can tell the age of his wine by the bare smell — who distils his ...
more pages: 237
York - Page 224
He felt all the magic of that sorcerer, who had displayed, within the paltry circle of a wooden booth, the long wars of York and Lancaster, ...
Brighton - Page xix
24, 1821, Constable wrote to Lockhart from Brighton, with a number of suggestions. First there was the "Library of British Novelists," a gift of ...
Gloucester - Page 13
our reverend brother of Gloucester waxes in years." He then pulled out his purse, paid for the spectacles, and left the shop with even a more ...
Delhi - Page xxxv
like the jeweller of Delhi in the house of the magician Bennaskar, I at length reached a vaulted room, dedicated to secrecy and silence, and beheld, ...
Cambridge - Page 286
No scout in Oxford, no gip in Cambridge, ever matched him in speed and intelligence. He knows the step of a dun from that of a client, when it reaches ...
Leicester - Page 169
I present you to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham, representative of Sir George Villiers, Knight, of Brookesby, in the county of Leicester. ...
Glasgow - Page 1
His metamorphosis behold, From Glasgow frieze to cloth of gold ; His back-sword, with the iron hilt, To rapier fairly hatch'd and gilt ; Was ever seen ...
Patris - Page 314
Nondum bitdenos Annorum impleverat orbes, Pulchra, pudica, Patris delicium atque viri: Quvm gravida, heuf nunquam, Mater, decestit, ...
Abbotsford - Page xix
early from Chiefswood to Abbotsford. He found Terry there. Scott came out with some pages of foolscap in his hand, and sent Lockhart and Terry to read ...
Perth - Page 328
The feat of stabbing the younger Ruthven was performed when Cowrie had captured the King at his house in Perth. The story of the Qowrie Conspiracy ...
more pages: 326