Lordís Day 15 Themes and Divisions




The cross signifies the ultimate curse of God


1.      The curse prophesied

2.      The curse accepted

3.      The curse fulfilled




He suffered and was crucified for us


1.      He suffered Godís anger so that God would show us his grace

2.      He suffered Godís judgment so that God would declare us righteous

3.      He suffered Godís curse so that God would give us eternal life


J. Kok


Jesusí suffering


1.      The origin

2.      The basis

3.      The fruit of his suffering


ďWho suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified...Ē


1.      The extent of that suffering

2.      The purpose of that suffering

3.      The justice in that suffering


K. Jonker


By the only atoning sacrifice

1.      We are redeemed from Godís wrath

2.      We are acquitted from Godís judgment

3.      We are blessed and not cursed


C. Bouwman


Christís suffering takes the curse out of our suffering


1.      The need for Jesusí suffering

2.      The depth of Jesusí suffering

3.      The gospel of Jesusí suffering


Calvaryís cross is about Christ satisfying Godís wrath against our sins


1.      The cross displays what I deserve

2.      The cross proclaims what I receive


G. Van Popta


Jesus Christ, the only atoning sacrifice for our sins


1.      The necessity

2.      The perfection

3.      The benefits of his atoning sacrifice


W. Bredenhof


Christ Jesus bore my curse


1.      His suffering

2.      His condemnation

3.      His crucifixion


The precious gifts that come to us through Christís suffering


1.      The grace of God

2.      Righteousness

3.      Eternal life