Lordís Day 17 Themes and Divisions




Jesus Christ manifests himself in his resurrection to be the living Saviour of his church


1.      The undeniable fact of his resurrection

2.      The immediate fruit of his resurrection

3.      The certain pledge in his resurrection


W. Bredenhof


The comfort of Christís resurrection


The resurrection is a:


1.      Certain fact

2.      Sure pledge

3.      Sound motivation


How does the resurrection of the Lord Jesus help us?


1.      We can be right before God Ė Romans 4:25

2.      We can have a life new right now already Ė Colossians 3:1ff.

3.      We can look forward to our own resurrection Ė Romans 8:11


J. Kok


The connection between Christís resurrection and the lives of believers


1.      Christís resurrection is the root

2.      Christís resurrection is the guarantee of the lives of believers


The resurrection of Jesus Christ


1.      In its glory

2.      In its meaning

3.      In its fruit


The profitability of the resurrection of Christ


1.      For faith

2.      For love

3.      For hope


R.H. Bremmer


Christís resurrection:a horn of plenty




1.      He guarantees through his resurrection the propitiation for our debt

2.      He renews through his power our lives

3.      He guarantees our resurrection in glory


H. Knoop


The profit of Christís resurrection for those who are his


1.      As the revelation of his victory over death

2.      As the removal of death from those who are his


C. Bouwman


Christ`s triumphant resurrection guarantees our blessed resurrection


We see the link between:


1.      Christ`s resurrection and our justification

2.      Christ`s resurrection and our sanctification

3.      Christ`s resurrection and our glorification


The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes the daily lives of God`s people


1.      The need for Christ`s resurrection

2.      The reality of Christ`s resurrection

3.      The response to Christ`s resurrection


D. Wynia


We rejoice in the gospel of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ


1.      Because it means that he has overcome death

2.      Because it means that we are raised to a new life

3.      Because it means that we will be raised from the dead